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Cultural Exposure

"During the career journey which started in 2017, I have been exposed to different work cultures. This diverse exposure equips me with strong adaptability, knowledge of handling teams from different cultural backgrounds, cross-cultural communication skills, and a global perspective, making me a valuable asset in any corporate setting."


"During my 1.5-year tenure in Denmark and by working in a Danish organization for 4 years, I acquired profound knowledge of the work ethos and culture, engaging closely with the locals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country's professional landscape. A unique cultural insight was learning about the Danish concept of "hygge," emphasizing coziness and a relaxed atmosphere in both personal and professional settings"


"During my 3-month assignment in Poland, and working closely with my manager from Poland, I immersed myself in the professional landscape, gaining insights into the country's work culture. One notable aspect was appreciating the Polish concept of "złoty środek," emphasizing the importance of finding a balanced and harmonious middle ground in various aspects of life."


"As an Indian native, my experience working across diverse regions has cultivated a profound understanding of effective collaboration with individuals from various parts of the country. Integrating the insights from my international experiences with the richness of Indian values, I've shaped a balanced career, incorporating the best elements and learnings from diverse cultures while staying rooted in our core values."


"In my 3-month stint in China, and working closely with the colleagues in China for Digital transformation products, I immersed myself in the fast-paced work environment, grasping the intricacies of Chinese business practices. A distinctive cultural learning was the significance of "guanxi," emphasizing the importance of personal relationships in Chinese business dealings."


"During my short stints in Germany and working in a German organization for close to 2 years, , I delved into the intricacies of the country's work culture, discovering a notable concept known as "Ordnung muss sein," which translates to "there must be order" in English. This principle reflects the German appreciation for precision, organization, and a meticulous approach to work and life."



Rohan Sahu, Principal Product Manager

"Sandheep worked with me for a brief period during his program at Plaksha. In a short span of time, he demonstrated the ability to understand market needs and translate them into product requirements (with a roadmap), keeping in mind the competitor landscape. Without any prior healthcare experience, he was able to understand complex clinical concepts, nuances of healthcare technology and deliver on the goals we had set out for him. He is a self-starter with a positive attitude towards work & life. He will definitely create value for himself and any organization that backs him."
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