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Not Anymore.

When sometimes you feel all alone, when you feel like letting yourself go in the flow, when nothing or nobody around you matters, and when you will be wondering what went wrong, listen to your mind. Listen to what your life has to say.

Because each time your life gives you troubles, he aint trying to stop you from your dreams. Life aint discouraging you. Life aint making you feel useless..


Life is just trying to level you up.

Life is trying to pull you more out of your comfort zone.

Life is trying to make you resistible to the toughest.

Life is getting you closer and closer to your dreams.

It might make you wonder, why cant something happen straight away?

"Why cant I just get to my dreams? I have already worked far enough!"

or maybe

"Why cannot I just start a business and start earning money easily!"


Because it is not how, life is supposed to work.

If your dreams are not coming true,

If they fail at some point or the other,

Then it is not because the someone up there is longing to see you fail.

It is because you haven't given the kind of hard work that is necessary to make it happen.

Sometimes it would need more work than you ever thought it would.

If you keep challenging your life, each time it works against you, you find yourself growing stronger.

You find yourself a step ahead of your dream, each time you fail ,

until you fail,

and fail,

maybe a hundred times,

until you taste success.

It may take you years to achieve what you thought might take a day.

The longer it takes towards your goal, the better would be the results.

Life always has an attitude of bossing around.

Don’t let your life be your boss. Because the moment you let things go as how it needs to be,

the moment you let the little failures take control over you,

life would find you unfit for your dream.

Until you end up in the group of "Most People".

The saddest thing about "Most People" being, they don’t regret doing what they did in their life. Instead they regret things they couldn’t do, when life starts winding up.

And the reason why people end up in the "Most" pack is not because they don’t have the potential. It is because of the fear of failure.

Afraid to fail, if the idea they have doesn’t work right.

Afraid to fail, if the business may fail.

Afraid to go wrong, if they may shout out the wrong answer.

Afraid to do things , that has never happened!

Do you want your predictions of how things may go wrong,to make you a mediocre?

Destroy your fear of failure because there is never something as failure.

It is either "Success" or "A Lesson"

Most people mistake "The lesson" to be failure.

Why should you do the same when you can,

Find your dream,

Start to fail,

Keep failing,

Untill you find success,

Because success can never make you better, Only failures do!

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