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Scope: To Digitalize and Automate the process of Registering parts produced, in paper by using Sensors, PLC, Ignition SCADA and MySQL Databases 

Automatic Fumehood

Scope: To Automate and Motorize the movement of sash in  normal Fume hood by developing Control System and Motor Assembly from Scratch. 

Smart Car with Child Safety

Scope: To prototype a smart car with Child Safety to detect Co2 levels and activity inside a car. The system detects the conditions and turns on the car's Ignition and Air Condition, after activating the cars break and clutch. 

Gas Leak Detectors

Scope: To design and develop commercial and effective gas leak detectors which can be used to detect LPG and Helium.

This product was also exported quite often as a product of Synapse.

Digital Twin

Scope: To create a Digital Twin of a machine by which supervisors can monitor and control the testing equipment online using Ignition SCADA and PLC Programming

Temperature Controller

Scope: To design and develop and temperature controller to maintain the temperature conditions inside a chamber with vaccum pump. 

RFID based payment system

Scope: To prototype and test and RFID based payment system for local transport with an option for location tracking for users.

Real Time Machine Monitoring

Scope: To develop a SCADA system and User interface for monitoring real time machine parameters by capturing real time data from PLC's

Automated OEE

Scope: To Automate the count and OEE calculation of bottleneck machines in production lines to get more accurate and reliable OEE data.

Water Level Controller

Scope: To design and develop a reliable and efficient Water Level Controller, for commercial purpose. 


Scope: To design and develop Synchronizer for commercial purpose ​which efficiently switches between the Fan and Air Conditioner for effective cooling and reduced power consumption. 

Pick By Light System

Scope: To design and develop an Industrial Pick By Light system to guide the operator on shop floor to pick the right parts for production using Siemens PLC and HMI