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Influence of Weather on Production

Scope: To find the influence of external weather on production by using Data Scraping, Data Pre-processing and  Data Analytics and to setup Dashboard in Tableau

Checklist Digitalization

Scope: To create Digital solutions to remove papers from Production by implementing Poka Yoke and Digital Solutions.

Automated OEE

Scope: To Automate the count and OEE calculation of bottleneck machines in production lines to get more accurate and reliable OEE data. The Realtime Dashboard and SQL Data Logging mechanism was developed from scratch.( End to End Development)

Temperature Controller

Scope: To design and develop and temperature controller to maintain the temperature conditions inside a chamber with vaccum pump. 

Smart Car with Child Safety

Scope: To prototype a smart car with Child Safety to detect Co2 levels and activity inside a car. The system detects the conditions and turns on the car's Ignition and Air Condition, after activating the cars break and clutch. 

Gas Leak Detectors

Scope: To design and develop commercial and effective gas leak detectors which can be used to detect LPG and Helium.

This product was also exported, quite often as a product of Synapse.

Vision system.png
Deep Learning Based Vision Systems

Scope: To develop AI based vision systems from scratch using Python tools and dependencies, for manufacturing applications (End to End development)

Automated Production Reports

Scope: To collect data from multiple sources and to create a Automated Production Reporting tool in Power BI

Digital Twin

Scope: To create a Digital Twin of a machine by which supervisors can monitor and control the testing equipment online using Ignition SCADA and PLC Programming. ( End to End Development)

Pick By Light System

Scope: To design and develop an Industrial Pick By Light system complete;y in house, to guide the operator on shop floor to pick the right parts for production using Siemens PLC and HMI

RFID based payment system

Scope: To prototype and test and RFID based payment system for local transport with an option for location tracking for users.

Real Time Machine Monitoring

Scope: To develop and configure a SCADA system and User interface for monitoring real time machine parameters by capturing real time data from PLC's

MultiPlatform Data Analysis

Scope: To collect data from multiple platforms using REST API, Pre-Process them and to do data analysis for generating insights for production improvement.  ( End to End development )

Condition Based Monitoring

Scope: To assess machine health from real time machine data and to create service request in Maintenance Tool using REST API and SCADA systems.

Digitalization of Hourly Production Registration

Scope: To Digitalize and Automate the process of Registering parts produced, in paper by using Sensors, PLC, Ignition SCADA and MySQL Databases ( End to End Development and Testing for 4 Danfoss Factories )

IMG-20170109-WA0012 (1).jpg
Automatic Fumehood

Scope: To Automate and Motorize the movement of sash in  normal Fume hood by developing Control System and Motor Assembly from Scratch.

Water Level Controller

Scope: To design and develop a reliable and efficient Water Level Controller, for commercial purpose. This product was supplied and installed in several commercial places including Water Theme Parks.


Scope: To design and develop Synchronizer for commercial purpose ​which efficiently switches between the Fan and Air Conditioner for effective cooling and reduced power consumption.

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