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Domain Expertise

"Sandheep is a versatile and adaptable generalist with a proven track record of success in diverse domains."

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Business Travel & Lodging

HRS Group

Product Manager

With over 2 years of experience in the Lodging as a Service Industry, I have been entrusted with the responsibilities of managing multiple core products in HRS Group. This includes the Recommendation Engine, Rebooking and Multiple AI Data Products. 

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Health Tech and Radiology

Product Manager

​During a short contract with, I was entrusted with the responsibility with the vision of entering the Radiology Market. I helped to achieve its vision of entering the radiology market by collaborating with experts to grasp market dynamics, competitor landscape, and technical feasibility. The findings and conclusions has helped with its entry into the Radiology Market. 

Warehouse Robot

Manufacturing and 
Digital Transformation

Danfoss A/S

Process Expert : Digital Transformation

With over 4 years of experience in Manufacturing and Digital Transformation, I was entrusted with the responsibilities of leading the technology Exploration team, which was focused on building products that can add to substantial savings and revenue impact. The products are used across 6 different factories of Danfoss in 5 countries.

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Electronics and Automation

Synapse Technologies

Founder, Head of Product & Technology

With 4+ years in electronic hardware development for Home and Industrial Automation, I founded Synapse Technologies, overseeing its inception and growth. Successfully built and led a cross-functional team, developing acclaimed products for home and industrial automation. Our solutions gained widespread adoption among corporate clients globally. Additionally, established an educational wing providing industry-relevant technical training and workshops for students.

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