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Educational Background

"My passion for emerging technologies drives a continuous learning journey, resulting in three post-graduate degrees. This not only equips me with technical expertise crucial for product management but also enhances collaboration with development teams for impactful customer solutions."


2021 - 2022

Plaksha University

Post Graduate Diploma in Product Management, Leadership, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Plaksha Tech Leaders Fellowship is a one-year, Post-Graduate, Residential Program, in partnership with UC Berkeley. The program interweaves Product Management, Leadership, Design Thinking, UX and UI and AI and Machine learning with real-world application.
The fellowship program involves handpicking 60 students from all over the world and has been designed by 70+ industry leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and senior academicians from across five countries with top-notch faculty from UC Berkeley, Purdue University, UMichigan, UPenn, Google, and IBM.

2019 - 2020

Mc Combs School Of Business

Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence

The 12 month long course provided by  UT Austin McCombs School of Business, is aimed at providing a solid technical foundation on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It includes Mathematics for Machine Learning, Machine Learning Approaches, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning etc. Overall, the program is aimed at making the student fully knowledgeable and ready for the Industry. 

2016 - 2017

Accel IT Academy

Post Graduate Diploma in Embedded System Design

The 12 month long course provided by  Accel IT Academy, is focused on learning the core knowledge and skills that are required to work in the Electronics and Embedded Systems Industry. 


2021- 2022

Great Learning, 

Mentor : Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Learning is a bidirectional process. Teaching others is a powerful way to reinforce and deepen your own understanding. After completing the PG Program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I was involved with Great Learning, an institute based out of India to mentor students working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects and to solidify their understandings in the topic. 

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